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The company, founded by Manuel van de Wal, is a sports psychological practice, in which the latest insights in clinical psychology and sports & performance psychology are combined in an innovative way.

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M-Sports & Performance is founded by Manuel van de Wal, originating from a passion for psychology and sports. The company is a sports psychology practice, focused on talent development of high performers and on furthering optimal performance under all circumstances. The company is process-oriented and aims to help it’s clients achieve their goals, using an eclectic approach. Experiences with clients are extensive and vary from up-and-coming talents to international elites in their respective fields.

In 2018 M-Sports & Performance has entered into a partnership with NL sportpsycholoog® for the province of North-Brabant. All partners of NL sportpsycholoog® strive to share knowledge and quality within our profession and collaborate on large-scale projects. Using the Three Batteries® method NL sportpsycholoog® is focused on the physical, emotional and cognitive factors that underly psychological resilience and performance. In 2019 M-Sports & Performance entered in to SX Eindhoven: centre for sports, marketing and media.

With a collective of sports psychologists, M-Sports & Performance has co-authored the book ‘How to become a professional football player’ (Arko Sports Media, 2019). The book describes how you can optimally develop your football talent and 76 Dutch (former-) professional footballers, managers and coaches give an insight in the road they have traveled. Based on their experiences in elite football, they share what they believe to be the essential factors to make it to the top.

about manuel van de wal


manuel van de wal

As a sports fanatic I have extensive experience in a wide range of sports like football, futsal, boxing, kickboxing, tennis, baseball, beachvolley, horse riding, table tennis, fitness, salsa dancing, basketball and surfing. Furthermore do I have trainer-coach experience with children, adolescents and adults in baseball and boxing.

During my career I’ve always made a connection between psychology and sports. For my first master’s degree I graduated in clinical psychology at the Radboud University of Nijmegen in 2012. I completed my thesis working as a sports and addiction researcher at the University of California Los Angeles (United States). Main goal of the study was to research the treatment effect of an aerobe and anaerobe exercise intervention, on top of the regular treatment for crystal meth addiction.

For my second master’s degree I graduated in sports and performance psychology at the University of Amsterdam in 2013. During this period I worked as a sports psychologist at the PSV Eindhoven Football Academy.

The main goal of my activities was developing a mental development plan for youth players and coaches within the PSV Academy and the Helmond Sport Academy. The report formed the basis of the development of the current FUNdament. Furthermore, I developed manuals for parents consisting of guidelines on optimal accompaniment of a talented child in football. I’ve also conducted empirical research studying the effect of self-regulation on motivation and perseverance of youth players at the PSV Academy.

After my graduation I worked as an exercise psychologist with Het Rughuis. With a (at the time) young company I had set up two new treatment facilities, developed multiple treatment modules for a new treatment discipline within the company and treated hundreds of clients with anxiety, depression and chronic pain disorders. All the experiences in my career have layed the foundation of the integral vision of my company: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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